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12 December 2018

Structural changes explain stagnating wages in US labour markets

High levels of local concentration suggest employers have market power

5 December 2018

Investment Outlook 2019: Regime change

Out now: our take on markets and the economy and our asset class expectations

28 November 2018

From a Sino-US trade war to a cold war and global disruption

If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them. - Dalai Lama   Summary The Sino-US trade tension risks escalating to a new cold war, which could cost not only China and the US, but also the world economy, dearly. Collateral damage to the global system could be another round of currency war in the short term with new volatility dynamics coming from China. If the end of the last Cold War fostered global economic integration, the beginning of the next one - between China and the US - will likely produce fragmentation, with long-term consequences on even technological innovation and climate change.

7 November 2018

A post-election recipe: Gridlock with a dash of stimulus

Equity markets' usual year-end Santa Claus rally might get an additional boost

31 October 2018

The six key themes for US Treasuries in Q4 2018

The primary themes impacting the yields of US Treasuries and the pricing of future levels of inflation (via breakeven inflation rates (BEIs)) have changed little in the last few months. They continue to generate a range-trading environment for US Treasury bonds and TIPS.

12 December 2018

Outlook 2019: Markets – adapting to quantitative tightening

On credit, emerging markets and the US dollar

29 October 2018

Equity market valuations: Where are we now?

A look at developed and emerging equity valuations to assess which now appear attractive, at least from a stock multiples viewpoint  

23 October 2018

Navigating the wall of worry with small caps

Small caps are trading at a discount to large caps

10 September 2018

Asset allocation update – September 2018

We remain long equities and underweight fixed income, notably in the eurozone, but we trimmed our risk exposure

27 July 2018

Emerging market fixed income: an attractive entry level after the correction

Emerging market debt has been the subject of much interest over the last few years, but recent volatility has created uncertainty about the asset class. We are convinced that besides offering an attractive return/risk ratio and the potential for high returns, current valuations constitute an attractive entry point.


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