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4 September 2019

The Intelligence Report – 4 September 2019

Should investors pin their hopes on central bankers? Or will other policymakers come round and accept the need for pump-priming to keep the economy from being swept under in a perfect storm of uncertainty over trade, Brexit, etc.?

4 September 2019

GRASFI 2019: Largest ever conference on sustainable finance and investment

Multi-disciplinary academic research is further strengthening the credentials of sustainable investing. In promoting collaboration between universities, the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment plays a leading role. It brings together 23 top research universities which work under the GRASFI umbrella on sustainable finance and investment.

24 July 2019

Chi on China: China’s growth beyond the mMiddle-income trap

We know what we are, but know not what we may be - William Shakespeare

17 July 2019

Cyber-security: an assessment

Cyber-attacks can hit investors and other stakeholders hard. Leaks, compromised customer data, denial-of-service attacks or file destruction can disrupt operations, lose client trust and lead to tougher legislation.

17 July 2019

Where there’s life, there’s real estate

The boom in life science research activities – genetics, biotechnology and medical and pharmaceutical innovation – means there is serious growth potential in the related real estate markets over the coming decade.

24 July 2019

Chi on China: China’s growth beyond the mMiddle-income trap

We know what we are, but know not what we may be - William Shakespeare

22 May 2019

Webinar – The road to electrification: electric vehicle potential in EM

As many governments around the world work to address mounting concerns over climate change, electric vehicles (EV) can contribute to the long-term solution by helping to cut the transportation sector’s heavy carbon emissions. As emerging markets (EM) develop, their CO2 emissions are poised to rise precipitously, underscoring the need for electric cars to help address this daunting challenge.

10 May 2019

Webinar – The road to electrification

Electric vehicle potential in India and other emerging markets

10 April 2019

MSCI to add more A shares: a blessing for foreign investors

The weight of Chinese A shares in MSCI’s global indices is set to rise, creating a major long-term opportunity for foreign investors. The move comes amid further reform in China and steps to open up its capital markets.

13 February 2019

The Federal Reserve’s evolving policy strategy framework

Struggling for some time now to hit its inflation mark sustainably, the Federal Open Market Committee may move to adopt average inflation targeting, or even temporary price level targeting, in its upcoming strategy review. Such a shift should steepen the Treasury curve, lower real interest rates, and support a widening of long-forward TIPS breakevens.


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Key themes


Investing in Small Caps

Companies with a small market capitalization have many special features that can appeal to investors. Managers typically have a more entrepreneurial style and are more agile when it comes to responding to market demands and innovation trends. Such companies often attract buyers. Listed small-cap stocks are usually covered less extensively by financial analysts, and thus attract less market attention, which can make for attractive valuations. We believe a high-alpha investment strategy – one that involves managers skilled in benefiting from these features – suits this asset class best.

Wind Turbine Hiking Landscape sustainability 1440x300

Sustainable and responsible investments

Sustainable investing allows us to better manage the risks – and pursue the opportunities – associated with the energy transition, environmental sustainability and inclusive growth.  


Why invest in emerging market debt

Emerging market debt as an asset class has grown rapidly in recent years, increasing in breadth and depth. As a result, there is more sophistication in the types of fixed-income products to choose from. At the same time, regulatory and legal changes in many emerging countries have improved the solidity of investments in EM debt. In our view, a blended emerging market fixed-income portfolio combining local currency and hard currency debt is an appealing choice for investors.