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Asset allocation: trade truce and de-globalisation
17 July 2019

Trade tensions continue to be a bellwether for markets and as the US and China vie for supremacy, globalisation could move into reverse. At times like these, investors should build robust portfolios that include defensive trades and hedges.

What asset allocation could work best to face tomorrow's challenges?
3 July 2019

Geopolitical risks, shifting central bank stances, Goldilocks looking fragile. The factors to consider when allocating assets are in constant flux. One asset allocation theme that should hold good longer-term is the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Technological innovation: A global theme
3 July 2019

When it comes to pursuing a strategy focused on technological innovation, investors should think beyond the obvious IT candidates. In pretty much any sector that touches upon daily life or business, one can find potential winners.

Protecting our oceans: critical to a more sustainable future
3 July 2019

A detailed assessment of companies involved in marine-related activities enables a fair rating of their ESG quality, with a view to ensuring investment is targeted towards companies that not only perform well – they also protect the world’s natural capital.