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6 September 2018

Read our white paper on the potential of AI and the opportunities it offers investors

1 September 2017

In our view, there are compelling reasons for understanding and appreciating the investment opportunities in the Nordic countries, which top international rankings for economic performance, innovation and social well-being.

22 March 2016

OVERVIEW Institutional investor portfolios typically hold a signifi cant allocation of foreign currency denominated assets. Left unmanaged, this currency exposure functions like a buy-and-hold strategy which receives little or no risk premium and adds unwanted volatility to portfolio returns. In this paper, we discuss the variety of solutions to address foreign currency exposures such as using passive currency management choices or selecting from the different active currency management solutions available.

5 January 2016

How have different investment styles impacted corporate behaviour and equity performance? What influence do asset managers and investors really have?   These are just some of the questions we posed to our experienced equities panel, covering views from our active, passive, systematic and SRI/ESG teams.