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Webinar – The road to electrification: electric vehicle potential in EM

22 May 2019 -

As many governments around the world work to address mounting concerns over climate change, electric vehicles (EV) can contribute to the long-term solution by helping to cut the transportation sector’s heavy carbon emissions. As emerging markets (EM) develop, their CO2 emissions are poised to rise precipitously, underscoring the need for electric cars to help address this daunting challenge.

China, the world’s most populous country and the second largest economy, has taken a lead role in electric vehicle development among emerging markets and globally[1], but how do we expect key markets such as India[2] to develop? How can electric vehicles evolve in other emerging market countries?[3]

Listen to our webcast and hear analysts from both our emerging market and Indian equities teams discuss the future opportunities. They will cover these topics:

• Why are electric vehicles so relevant for emerging markets?
• How has China emerged as a key player?
• What are the opportunities and challenges for electric vehicle development in India?
• In which other countries are we seeing opportunities and progress?

• Rina Jha, CFA, Senior Analyst, Global Emerging Market Equities
• Brijesh Ved, Head of Equities – PMS & Offshore Advisory (India)
• Miten Vora, Senior Research Analyst – PMS & Offshore Advisory (India)

1 China leads the world in electric car sales, with more than a million new vehicles sold in 2018. It also leads in the number of charging stations. Source:

2 India, the world’s second largest country, is subsidising sales of electric cars and hybrid vehicles to the tune of USD 1.4 billion over three years to curb pollution and reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. Source:

The replay is available on-demand via the same link used to register.

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