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The Intelligence Report – 14 March 2019

14 March 2019 -

In a world striving for greater sustainability, investment in coal – be it mining or power generation – should be much more selective, hence our new coal investment policy. Also in this issue: how to navigate markets as they swing between the impact of news on the fundamentals and adjustments in central bank liquidity; what to make of the trends in US inflation; and our assessment of the relations and economies of China and the US.


Divestment from coal: our new policy
Reducing CO2 emissions from coal is the single most effective way of moving towards an energy system consistent with the Paris Agreement; which is why we have drafted a new coal policy for our portfolios.



Navigating the shift from fundamentals to liquidity
Investors face a regime change towards lower investment returns and more financial market volatility as a decade of generous, QE-related central bank liquidity comes to an end.



How meaningful is the pick-up in pro-cyclical inflation?
US pro-cyclical inflation has spilled over from housing into other sectors, including communication services. Telecoms’ future contribution to inflation will depend on the pace and price impact of tech progress.



Webcast: Focus on US and China relations
The relationship between China and the US will be central to the global economy for years to come. What do we expect to see when it comes to issues such as bilateral trade and the prospects for their economies?



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