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The Intelligence Report – 20 May 2019

21 May 2019 -

Investors play an important part in ensuring that the world is not only economically efficient, but also sustainable. Fortunately, as PRI CEO Fiona Reynolds explains, there is progress; this matters for long-term value creation, the environment and society at large. Next, we argue that a factor investing approach including ESG criteria can work in fixed income and raise the curtain on the upcoming European Parliament elections and subsequent changes in Europe’s top jobs.


Bringing sustainability to capital markets
Fiona Reynolds, CEO of Principles for Responsible Investment, discusses the progress towards a sustainable financial system and sets out the priorities for asset managers.

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Webinar – Multi-factor investing and fixed income
A factor-based approach is often associated with equities, but can work equally well in fixed income, BNPP AM experts argue in this edition of our Factor Investing series.

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Will the elections upset the EU’s applecart?
As further polarisation looms, this month’s European Parliament elections – the biggest electoral contest in Europe – will set the tone for new appointments to the EU’s top jobs.

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