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The Intelligence Report – 27 March 2019

27 March 2019 -

The science is unequivocal and the evidence is growing ever stronger, supporting the rationale of adopting a long-term investment focus on sustainability. We present our Global Sustainability Strategy. Also in this issue: do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to BBB rated debt, but assess the idiosyncrasies; and the outlook for European equities.  

Our Sustainability Strategy – become a future maker
In a fast changing world, we focus on long-term, sustainable investment returns for our clients. That is why we are putting sustainability at the heart of our strategy.



Late-cycle leverage – the risk of US BBB downgrades
BBB rated corporate debt accounts for over half the IG index; the volume of BBB rated debt is twice that of the HY index. What are the factors that could sway 2019 performance?



Europe – the horizon becomes clear
With Brexit a muddle right up to the finish, how does that uncertainty – and other factors in Europe, the US and beyond – affect reflections on investing in European equities?




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In a fast changing world, our focus is on achieving long-term sustainable investment returns for our clients.

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Sustainability: The heart of our strategy

In a fast changing world, our focus is on achieving long-term sustainable investment returns for our clients.