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The Intelligence Report – 3 July 2019

3 July 2019 -

In this edition, Denis Panel, CIO of multi-asset, quantitative investments and solutions, presents our mid-year 2019 outlook, touching on issues ranging from trade to growth and inflation and the opportunities for investors. Elsewhere, we present a cross-sector review of investing in technological innovation, incorporating a risk-mitigating ESG perspective. We finish on the sustainability theme of ‘natural capital’, more specifically, a study of companies’ seafood sourcing and plastics/packaging strategies.

What asset allocation could work best to face tomorrow’s challenges?

Geopolitics, shifting central bank stances, Goldilocks looking fragile. The factors to mind when allocating assets are in constant flux. One theme that should hold good longer-term is the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Technological innovation: A global theme

When it comes to pursuing a strategy focused on technological innovation, investors should think beyond the obvious IT candidates. In pretty much any sector that touches upon daily life or business, one can find potential winners.

Protecting our oceans: critical to a more sustainable future

A detailed assessment of companies’ marine-related activities allows us to rate their ESG quality fairly, so that investment targets those companies that not only perform well – they also protect the world’s natural capital.



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Cyber-attacks can hit investors and other stakeholders hard. Leaks, compromised customer data, denial-of-service attacks or file destruction can disrupt operations, lose client trust and lead to tougher legislation.

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The uncertainty around the Sino-US trade requires robust multi-asset portfolios.We detail our approach. Elsewhere we explore the opportunities the boom in life sciences is creating in listed real estate and explain how we assess the strength of business models and corporate governance in a world where cyber-security risks abound.   The Intelligence Report will take a summer break for the next month. Happy holidays to all our readers!

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In this edition of Our Insights, read about how an alliance between global research universities is ratcheting up the quality and quantity of research into sustainable finance. We also explore how the ‘plastic revolution’ is progressing, present a multi-factor strategy for US equities and outline our asset allocation outlook.

Where there’s life, there’s real estate

The boom in life science research activities – genetics, biotechnology and medical and pharmaceutical innovation – means there is serious growth potential in the related real estate markets over the coming decade.