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The road to electrification: EV development in emerging markets

19 September 2019 -

To help brake the precipitous rise in greenhouse gas emissions that comes with rapid growth, electric vehicles could play an important role in emerging markets.  

In this white paper, we examine where major markets such as China and India stand in their evolution and explore the scope for electric vehicles to develop in other global emerging markets.

We believe that the road to electrification has evolved in unique ways across emerging markets, shaped by government policies, existing economic structures and consumer affordability.

Projections for increased urbanisation, coupled with limited affordability and low vehicle penetration, suggest a shift towards shared mobility. This trend, in tandem with growing demand for clean power generation, could yield interesting investment opportunities in electric mobility and clean energy.

If adopting electric vehicles is accompanied by a move to more renewable energy, this would more efficiently address the urgent issues of climate change, energy independence and economic well-being for emerging market economies.

Read our white paper The road to electrification: EV development in emerging markets here

This article appeared in The Intelligence Report – 18 September 2019

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