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28 February 2019 Global views and trends

An explanation on why China wants a trade deal and how the US feels about this

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26 February 2019 Global views and trends

Investors can look forward to greater transparency on sustainable finance as Europe takes the lead with an ambitious plan to help redirect capital flows, define sustainability and foster long-termism. This issue also covers the outlook for US earnings in 2019, incorporating sustainability in factor investing and an insight into who should call the shots in handling the next recession.

26 February 2019 Global views and trends

A “Great Instability” has followed the Great Financial Crisis and the risk of radical disruptive change looks high, with potentially profound implications for investors

13 February 2019 Regional perspectives

Struggling for some time now to hit its inflation mark sustainably, the Federal Open Market Committee may move to adopt average inflation targeting, or even temporary price level targeting, in its upcoming strategy review. Such a shift should steepen the Treasury curve, lower real interest rates, and support a widening of long-forward TIPS breakevens.