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Technological innovation: A global theme
15 October 2019 Global views and trends

Investors who associate innovation solely with the technology sector may do well to take a broader view. A promising strategy should interplay the latest developments at solid players across diverse sectors, and capture performance that is sustainable – both in financial and ESG[1] terms.  

The circular economy: a change for the better as well as an investment opportunity
15 October 2019 Global views and trends

Investing in businesses that are active in (the transition towards) the circular economy can pay off in the long term. Sébastien Soleille, head of the energy transition at BNP Paribas, and Bertrand Alfandari, ETF & Index Solutions, BNP Paribas Asset Management, explain in this edition of The Intelligence Report.

7 October 2019 Global views and trends

Superstars – typically in control of their markets and pricing, often at the forefront of innovation and frequently eager to expand – represent both opportunities and threats when it comes to investing.

2 October 2019 ESG/SRI, Global views and trends

“We need to accelerate the rate of change... move to radical change, and fundamentally revisit the way we think about risks and opportunities” - “PRI in Person” conference attendee