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Webcast – A focus on the US and China: their relations and economies

28 February 2019 -

An explanation on why China wants a trade deal and how the US feels about this

The economic relationship between China and the US will be central to the global economy for years to come. So what do we expect to see?

During this webcast, senior economists Steve Friedman and Chi Lo discussed these topics:

  • How does China’s easing policy differ from that of past cycles and how effective is it in upholding growth
  • When will we see the impact of these measures on growth and the markets
  • Why China wants a trade deal and how the US feels about this
  • What would a framework change mean to the FOMC and its inflation objective
  • What are the likely culprits and risks to a potential looming recession in the US

webcast US-China 20190228

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